Does Embedding YouTube Videos Help SEO ?

Today we will talk about whether embedding YouTube videos can help with SEO or not. We see a lot of individuals asking this question and for a good reason. People want to know if embedding videos can improve their rank. Video embedding is a loaded subject with a couple of variables that will determine if it can help with SEO or if it will not. We all are looking for ways to generate more traffic and get better ranks within the search engines. By embedding videos from Youtube, you give the user a highly visual experience, which is a good thing.

Whenever someone makes a YouTube video, they try to optimize it so that they can get as many views as they can. The same goes for people working on their websites. You can use videos to improve your SEO. It does work, but there are some things you must do to ensure that you do not cause an adverse reaction. Good videos on your website can bring you more traffic because you are drawing traffic from the search engines and YouTube at the same time. However, if you place too many videos or choose the wrong ones for your website your SEO can suffer.

The first thing you want to keep in mind is what your niche is. You need to keep any video embedding of any kind closely related to the other content that you have on the website. Content is by far the most important thing to pay attention to for the sake of your SEO. By keeping the content related and useful, you can improve the user’s experience and therefore receive a higher rank from the search engines. Good content works to help the crawlers see that your information is all on topic and has more value than some that may be less organized.

The next thing to take tightly into consideration when you are going to be embedding YouTube videos on your website is whether or not the viewers you are targeting like to watch videos. If you are working with a niche that favors reading opposed to watching videos, this can impact your numbers. For example, if you are running a website that teaches people how to write books and contains templates, they would probably prefer to view text. Mainly is because they would need to see how the template is laid out to use it on their own. Soley using content does not mean that you cannot use some video for topics like this example. It only means that you should use them sparingly and not overdo it with too many videos.

It is essential to have just as much or more written unique content to go with any videos you may want to use. Unique content is best because you want to have something for people who prefer to watch videos and individuals who would rather read the information. By appealing to both of these kinds of users, you significantly improve the user experience of a greater number of people who visit your site and keep coming back to it, Houston SEO company-Prime Houston SEO

By using rich media on your websites, you will see that you get more engagement from more people. Rich media is high-quality media content. You want to do your best to find or make only the best quality videos for your websites. Quality means looking at more videos to find the ones that work best for your needs or producing the best videos that you can. By having the best videos possible on your website, you will see more traffic than if you just put any old video on the site.

If you create the videos, you will want to put a good amount of time into editing and to produce an excellent quality video. Editing means using related keywords, making proper tags, and writing good descriptions of the videos you are creating to ensure that people get the most out of your content. You may even want to include your links to your websites in the description of the videos. Linking out will allow people to visit your site quickly if they would like when they view your video. Direct links are an excellent way to get even more people engaged and seeing your content.

Some things to look for when choosing other creator’s videos bestseo companies in Houston2019-SEOPRIMEHOUSTON¬†to embed on your website are good viewer ratings. Ratings mean that people are happy with the video they watched and they like how it the content in the video. You also want to see how many people have commented positively on the video you are going to use. People leaving kind comments means the video was engaging enough to evoke a response and that is a good thing. You never want to use a video with negative comments or lots of dislikes. Dislikes means the average user was unhappy with the content and they would not be likely to come back and watch it again.

In conclusion, embedding YouTube videos can be a great thing to improve your SEO if used the right way. Just keep in mind not to use this method of embedding videos too often to avoid any adverse reactions. By keeping your content on the topic and closely related you improve the user’s experience and search engines reward this a lot. Google has started to pay those sites that produce the best user experience with higher ranks opposed to those that just use conventional SEO techniques.